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How to select the right program for addiction

addiction program

How to select the right program for addiction

How to select the right program for your loved one to go to an inpatient drug addiction or inpatient alcohol addiction treatment program and why you shouldn’t.


It’s no secret that addiction has been running rampant in the US. With so many new types of drugs, and ways for people to abuse them, people in the field of addiction treatment have stepped up to work together and to help those who are struggling. Sometimes you can find a good program that may work, but did you know addiction treatment programs have a 95% FAIL rate? So before you mortgage the house and slap that $30,000 bill on a credit card, read the programs below and call us for a FREE consultation to see if we can help you.

Detox is a higher level of care. People who have been using for long periods of time build up a tolerance, and when they stop using, they go through withdrawal. When an individual wants to get sober, they typically go to detox first. They are supervised by a physician and if necessary, they are made comfortable through medications. The detox process typically last 3-7 days depending on the substance used. HOWEVER, you don’t need detox (generally) for marijuana, cocaine and opiates. You DO need detox for alcohol and Benzo (think Xanax withdrawal).  If you are using heroin, you go to the methadone clinic or the suboxone doctor and you can detox while you continue to work, you don’t need to stay 5-7 days in an inpatient drug detox and come out with a bunch of medications that you didn’t go in with. Beware any detox that diagnoses you (the most common is bipolar), you can not adequately diagnose anyone in detox.

Inpatient is the most common addiction treatment program. This is typically 14-90 days of treatment in a residential setting. Clients typically have 1 session of therapy a week. If you are lucky, you might get 2. The problem with this is that you do not get enough individualized attention to work on your inner demons. Who wants to sit in a group setting and share your personal, inner most troubles?  No one that wants real solid help. It is more like The Jerry Springer show and you don’t need that. Inpatient just doesn’t work.
People go 2, 3, 4, times and when it fails we blame the addict and say ‘they were not ready’. How about we address that 4 sessions of therapy is not enough and sitting around in a circle with 28 of your closest strangers doesn’t work either. Let’s get real and get solutions.

Sober on Demand is our alternative to the above inpatient addiction treatment.  Sober on Demand offers therapy, recovery coaching, and intensive transformational processes that break through the barriers and get to the root cause of your issues faster. It is a 1:1 concept completely tailored to you. We work 5-8 hours per day, with you, the client on individual programming and getting to the root cause of your issues and overcome your stopping blocks. We are the opposite of inpatient, no groups, no prying eyes – a program totally intensive to transform you in a 3-10 day window. We are fast, we are thorough,  and we get results.   www.SoberonDemand.com

PHP (Partial-hospitalization Program) Is a type of day treatment. The client is required to go to treatment and see their counselor and participate in treatment for 5-8 hours a day. They typically live in a sober house at this time. Again this is a bunch of groups and has maybe 4 or 6 sessions of therapy in the 30 day program.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) – IOP is a level of addiction treatment that is in an outpatient setting. Clients will be living on their own, have a job, and will come to the outpatient program for about 10 hours a week. They typically do group and individual sessions, and the length of stay is usually 3-6 months. This is super group heavy and has 1 session of therapy a week. Again, if you want to sit around and share your inner details with 28-45 people, go for it, but more work can be done quicker in a private setting to work on your drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

 Sober Coach or Recovery Coach  – Recovery Coaching is a relatively new  alternative to addiction treatment programs. Recovery Coaches work outside of the typical office setting and work out in the community with their clients. They can be hired to go to events, and to travel with their clients. Addiction coaches are mostly people in recovery that use training and their experience to help others find recovery. Certified recovery Coaches operate like life coaches (that get high success rates in real time and real work settings).  We at The Addictions Coach offer some of the best certified recovery coaches on the planet. This strengths based approach specializes in accountability with clients and getting to the goal setting phase quicker and more intensely.

Ready to get results? Call us to today for your FREE consultation to determine if our Sober on demand Program or one of our Certified Recovery Coaches or Certified Sober Coaches can help you in your time of need.  We even assist with the family and work as a team on boundary setting, goals and expectations.

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