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How UPL Can Help You Become a Life Coach

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How UPL Can Help You Become a Life Coach

            So, you want to become a life coach and don’t know where to start. Fair enough! With the number of services out there making offers and suggestions, it’s admittedly pretty flustering. However, suffice it to say there are some that are better than others, and Unpause Your Life is the cream of the crop!

What is Unpause Your Life?

            If this is the first time you’ve heard of Unpause Your Life, you’ve been missing out on the motherlode of all things life coaching. It’s a service founded by Cali Estes and Jenny Fontana in 2017, making it still relatively new, but already a juggernaut in the space. With training, coaching, and blogs, it’s a fantastic resource and provider, only further solidified by the background of the minds behind it.

            Cali Estes is The Addictions Coach, a name known worldwide and synonymous with her expertise in life coaching, addiction coaching, counseling, her experience as a wellness guru, and a whole number of titles that could just make your head spin! She’s worked with some of the biggest celebrity names out there and has been featured in the biggest magazines and news stations you can think of, with an incomparable status compared to others in the field. She’s also a leading provider of addiction coaches and sober companions through The Addiction’s Coach and Sober on Demand and plays a direct role in ensuring every client has the highest quality service imaginable.

            Similarly, we have Jenny Fontana, a certified nutritional therapist, recovery coach, and food addictions coach that can manage to juggle it all while also being a mother to two children. As a working mother her goal is to set the standard that while it’s understandable to feel “mom guilt”, it’s OK to care for yourself sometimes!

            Not only is the project run by two people with experience and knowledge, but they’re also well aware of everyday struggles. No one is perfect, we’ve all been through a rut or struggled with our fair share of issues, and they can level with you in a way that makes you feel valid, heard, and most importantly, understood.

How Unpause Your Life Can Help You

            Unpause Your Life offers some fantastic training for any up-and-coming life coach with aspirations for success. Cali in particular has experience in training people hoping to become either a life coach, addictions coach, sober companion, or anything else in the alternative to drug treatment scene.

            The process is simple and falls under three steps. Discovering your purpose, outlining your path, and unlocking the code. The first step involves finding what you want and how to achieve it. The second step teaches the concept of flow, creating a magnet and challenging limited beliefs to respond to an ever-adapting world. Finally, unlocking your code entails engaging the dormant depths of your mind to harness real change and create lasting results.

             Not only that but there’s a mountain of extra content available if you signed up for the program! A kickstarting session with Jenny or Cali to find your goals, learn your plan, and any possible stuck points, the entire vault of courses they have to offer with nearly thirty available videos and assignments, weekly group coaching where you can either help coach or be coached, a copy of the “7 Keys to Tap Into the Wealth Inside You” book, and – of course – a copy of the #1 best seller “Unpause Your Life” workbook. With that and their unique Life Coach Method 4-Step Process, anyone can become a top life coach in a matter of weeks.

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