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Eight Ways To Increase Positive Mindset And Tackle Stress

Eight Ways To Increase Positive Mindset And Tackle Stress


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Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but it doesn’t have to take over. We mustn’t allow ourselves to succumb to a negative mindset when so many positive things are happening in the world.

You can learn positive-minded thinking skills to help you take charge of stress and your life. Positive thinking can come in many different forms, and a positive mindset is what we look for to get us through the tougher times.

Here are ways to increase a positive mindset and positive thinking in your own life.

Make a list of things which you are grateful 

Making a positive mindset list can help you to be positive because it will remind you that no matter how bad things may seem, there are still positive things happening in your life. The more grateful you are for the positive aspects of your life, the easier it is to see opportunities instead of obstacles.

If you can’t think of anything positive, just think positive thoughts and positive words; positive self-talk.  Write down your positive statements or positive affirmations on a list. Then, begin to use these positive statements as tools in your daily life, thinking positive, being positive, and living your life with a positive mindset.

Create positive expectations

Learning how to live with a positive perspective and positive mindset can help you to feel positive emotions. A positive attitude is a positive, healthy outlook of the future, and it can be developed through positive thinking skills. Positive expectations allow us to focus on positive aspects, look at opportunities instead of obstacles and reduce stress and worry.

The things that we believe about ourselves will determine how we are going to act. Your positive expectation for a positive goal will help you achieve positive results, and positive expectations can protect against stress-related health problems too.

Watch something funny on TV

There is a direct connection between humor and positive thinking. Go online and watch some comedians or just watch the news with a different slant – if there’s something funny about the news, you’ll find it. It could be the way they report what happened (or how they interpret it), or maybe an interview with someone hilarious.

You can even read a book that makes you laugh or watch Saturday Night Live because they are all funny in some way. If you start thinking about humor and comedy more, your positive mindset will blossom into something new and exciting!

Spend more time with friends or family

Positive thinking can be contagious. When you spend time with a positive thinker, your mindset will often rub off on them, making you more optimistic and open to new things.

And because we tend to create our reality, spending time with someone who is a positive thinker will make your life better too. Your conversations and experiences with them will positively influence you. This is how becoming a positive thinker can be contagious!

Talk about something that makes you feel good

Everyone has had some type of experience that has made them feel good. It could be a vacation, date night with your spouse, a day at the beach, or even just doing something random you enjoy, like painting or playing golf. Start talking about these experiences with someone who can recreate those feelings for you again.

Happy memories are an essential part of positive thinking skills and living with a positive mindset. They help you appreciate what is happening now and bring up feelings of happiness for the future.

Try something new with someone else

When you try something new with someone else, it makes the experience better because you have a shared experience, and you can learn together. However, when trying something new by yourself, it sometimes feels difficult, and you may be nervous about it.

If you try something with someone else present, the experience will be better and more fun than if you tried it alone. You’re also less likely to look back at your new experience as a failure since someone else was there experiencing it with you.

Go to a children’s play area and just watch the kids

To live with a positive mindset, it is important to remember that you need to be open-minded about new things and adventurous in your life. Watch the children playing and bouncing around – they are far more carefree than adults; they don’t worry about what people think of them and are more open to trying something new. When children find a place where they like playing and having fun, they don’t want to leave it.

It’s because their mindsets are so positive; they are willing to try anything and everything and forgetting about the past or stressing about the future is just what kids do best! Unfortunately, adults forget about this too much, so try to remember when you get stressed or start worrying.

Identify your stress and find ways to reduce it

Stress comes from different things in our lives – maybe you’re working two jobs to pay bills and can’t find time for yourself. Or perhaps there is a conflict with a friend or loved one that has you stressed all the time. Focus on dealing with these issues but find small ways to reduce your stress in between.

The easiest way is to exercise because it gets your mind off of things stressing you out and immediately makes you feel good. Meditate or take a long bath as well if you can – they allow you to relax deeply and forget about the day’s problems.

Final Thoughts

Working on positive thinking skills also helps you to learn how to be a good listener and communicate with other people on a deeper level.

Remember, no matter what is going on in your life, if you take the time to work on positive thinking skills and use them every day, it will help you adjust your mindset to have a better attitude about everything – even when things occur are hard.  Reach out to our elite team at 1.800.706.0318 ext 2


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