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Inspired Thankful Counselor

I  am a CI (counselor intern) in the substance abuse field. I enjoy reading your posts and feel what you have accomplished and do on a daily basis truly inspiring! My ultimate goal is to obtain my Masters, and I am a true believer in the Recovery Coaches. I believe that having a Recovery Coach will greatly improve clients chances of living a substance-free life and allow them to learn how to maintain their sobriety and develop the coping skills so many addicts/alcoholics lack. I am a 41 year old single mother of a beautiful daughter who is now in college. I was a litigation paralegal for 25 years, and decided long ago that my passion in life was helping others and my ultimate job would be helping people who feel completely hopeless because of addiction. I am now pursuing my dream and am inspired by people like yourself who do this because they care and believe that addiction can be conquered with a good coach and a committment to just do something different!!

You are awesome! Keep doing what you obviously do very well! Congratulations on all your success!


Kari Bullington Counselor Intern Dallas, Texas

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