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Intervention and Treatment Placement

Professional addiction intervention, family guidance, and strategic treatment center placement designed around the client's individual needs.

Intervention Transitioning Into Treatment

Intervention and
Treatment Placement

A fluid approach to intervention & treatment

Utilizing a concierge approach toward intervening on one’s addictive behaviors & customizing the subsequent treatment plan.

As a loved one, watching your family member or friend self-destruct can be overwhelming and catastrophic. You probably don’t even know where to start. There is a specific chronology to the solution steps. There are certain skills required to achieve each chronological goal within the scope of the overall goal.

It is imperative to locate the proper interventionist, detox facility, treatment center, and aftercare plan that fits your loved one’s unique needs. Often, there’s that all-too-common scenario where they agree to go, and when the moment arrives that it’s time to go to drug and alcohol treatment, they, for whatever seemingly crazy reason, change their mind. It just tears the family apart. We see it every day. By the time we get the call, the parents, the spouse, and the brothers & sisters, are exhausted, hopeless, and drowning in tears. Rest assured, however, that there is a process, and it very often has a successful outcome.

An intervention by one of our seasoned, educated, certified and insured
intervention professionals can help facilitate that process and take the
strain off of the family. Our nationwide network of addiction professionals and interventionists understand the time-sensitive nature of the entire process.


An Intervention is designed to help you remove the barriers and walls a loved one has created to deflect from behavior change. As trained and certified interventionists, we will disrupt the behavior, help you place boundaries and bottom lines, provide a safe passage to treatment and stay with you throughout the entire process if you choose. We can even provide a certified recovery coach or sober companion for your loved one in lieu of treatment or after treatment to facilitate the healing process.

Intervention and Treatment Placement
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What Can I expect with a Treatment Consultation or Intervention?

    • Dedicated addiction specialist, doctor or clinician for your family
    • Detailed checklists, instructions
    • Specialty planning & assistance for those in the public eye, such as actors/actresses, professional athletes, musicians and even executives (CEO’s, CFO’s, etc.) with expanded travel, professional and personal needs
    • On-site ‘Boots on The Ground” or remote intervention services for your loved one
    • Daily to weekly calls to help the healing process
    • Safe Passage to the treatment center of your choice for your loved one
    • Additional drug & alcohol treatment services can be provided as needed or referrals out
    • Sober coaches/companions and Sober on Demand services are available (additional cost)
    • R.A.A.D Model of intervention (designed to be fast and effective)
    • Both abstinence and S.M.A.R.T Recovery models employed
    • A team effort along with varied approaches that combined, offer you the best of the best on a variety of levels

Designed Just for You...

When we create an intervention plan and approach, we build it from a blank slate. Every aspect of the process takes into account not only the client’s specifics but also those of the members that will be taking part in the process. Nothing we do here at The Addiction’s Coach or Sober On Demand comes from a general playbook. Every client is unique, every loved one is unique, every treatment approach is unique, and every subsequent recovery support plan is unique. Though drug & alcohol addictions have certain aspects that are applicable across the board, the process of overcoming and finding a new path to living well is unique to each individual.

A unique component that we can offer is our Signature Sober on Demand services if you need more assistance. We can provide on site medical detox and deep dive programs instead of a 3o-day inpatient stay at a drug and alcohol treatment facility. We are the propriety owners of a unique supplement line that will actually help heal your brain and get your neurotransmitters firing properly again. Whether you need us for a day, a month, or a year, we can be there for you at a moment’s notice.

Intervention for Drug & Alcohol Addictions


Educating the Family


Supporting the Family


Creating a Strategic Plan


Incorporating Contingency Plans


Balancing Realistic Goals with Practical Ideals


Offering Full Family Solutions


Creating a Paradigm that Changes Families & Lives


An A-to-Z Addiction Recovery Solution!

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Remember this, it doesn’t matter whether the addict/alcoholic is ready. Left up to them, they may never be ready. What matters is you, the family, the friends, the colleagues and so forth. An intervention process is generally not overly pleasant. There can be tears, raised voices, blaming and other common human reactions to a painful situation, but keep your eye on the ball. The goal is to save a life, and that is an absolute priority on every single level. Just follow our lead and let’s do this together!

The Happy Family After Intervention and Drug Rehab Services

Resuming a Healthy & Happy Life

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