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Intervention and Treatment Placement Service Now Available from The Addictions Coach.

Intervention and Treatment Placement Service – Designed  Entirely for YOU and your loved one!

Consultation and assistance in getting a loved one to the proper treatment facility is the key to creating a healthy sober lifestyle. An intervention or help locating the proper treatment center can be exhausting, let us help. At The Addictions Coach, we have 25 years in the addiction treatment industry, we can help.

As a loved one watching your family member or friend self-destruct can be disheartening. You probably don’t even know where to start. It is imperative to locate the proper detox, treatment center and aftercare plan that fits your loved one’s unique needs. What happens when your loved one refuses to go to an addiction treatment center? An Intervention by one of our seasoned, educated, certified and insured Intervention Professionals can help facilitate that process and take the strain off of the family.

Our clients come to us from many areas and with many unique circumstances, and our goal is to find the perfect fit for our clients. Dr. Cali Estes and her team listen to each client’s unique needs and try to help ascertain the underlying cause of the problem and the best way to deal with the issues arising from the problem. We know from years of practice that drugs and alcohol are never the problem, they are rather, the solution to the problem. People self-medicate for many different reasons: boredom, escape, numbness, reduce trauma, and more. Their lifestyles become diminished when their coping skills are rooted in the drug and alcohol use.

Our seasoned team of over 100 Nationally Certified Intervention Professionals and Nationally Certified Advanced Clinical Intervention Professionals can be at your doorstep within 24 hours and get the process started. If you prefer we can consult with you by phone or internet and help you through the entire process yourself.

What to expect with an Intervention: An Intervention is designed to help you remove the barriers and walls a loved one has created to deflect from behavior change. As trained and Certified Interventionists, we will disrupt the behavior, help you place boundaries and bottom lines, provide a safe passage to treatment and stay with you throughout the entire process if you choose. We can even provide a Certified Recovery Coach or Sober Companion for your loved one in lieu of treatment or after treatment to facilitate the healing process.

ARE YOU READY?  The Addictions Coach is here for you  . . . CALL 24/7 at (800) 706-0318

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