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Is The Fear Of Treatment Keeping You From Getting Sober?

fearWhat is keeping you from asking for and receiving the help you so desperately need to stop this cycle of addiction? Is it because you fear being separated from you family? Is it because you fear losing your job, career or company? Is it because you fear your children going hungry or the lights at home being shut off?

Most drug addicts in active addiction would answer yes to each and every one of these questions. And that very same fear is what keeps them locked in the nasty cycle of addiction that potentially ruins the very same life that they are desperately trying to protect. Just imagine how many more addicts would step forward and accept the help they desperately need if they didn’t have to worry about being separated from their family and losing everything.

Well, The Addictions Coach  1-800-706-0318 has made this a reality for all struggling addicts with their Sober on Demand program. This program allows the addict to stay at home with their family and continue to work at their jobs and career while the rehabilitation and coaching is brought to them. The Sober on Demand program molds a path specific to the addicts needs, strengths and weaknesses and brings it to them by way of in-person sessions, intensive 24/7 live-in coaching, Skype sessions and phone sessions. We send a top certified sober coach to the addict to asses the addiction and create the program that best gives the addict sobriety and maintenance to remain clean and sober.

Most addicts put so much effort into maintaining a daily addiction so now its time to put the same effort into maintaining a clean and sober life. So call us today at the number listed above to enter our Sober on Demand program. You can also click on our website link above to watch the many testimonial videos of those who have used the Sober on Demand program and won the battle of addiction!

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