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Is your Admissions Team living up to your Expectations for your Treatment Center?


Is your Admissions Team living up to your expectations for your treatment center?

Sometimes we forget that admissionsour admissions team is the first line of defense in our aid in recovery. Your admissions team are the first people that a potential client will have contact with while deciding which treatment center and program he or she wants to enter. There are many scenarios that an admission team needs to be “sharp” on, like social media presence, addiction technology and good old-fashioned telemarketing.
Residential treatment facilities and outpatient treatment centers need a strong admissions team to make sure that first impression is the best possible representation of your company. Your admission team needs to explain that your company only offers top interventionists, the best family drug intervention scenarios, elite sober coaches, the best life coaches in the industry and the most specific programs that are paired with the struggling addict to produce top success rates in the industry.
Well, we here at http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com 1-800-706-0318 have the industry’s best CALL CENTER TRAINING classes to help your facility or program best represent yourself in the “ever so important” first impression. Please take a moment and go to our website and watch our hours of testimonials of facilities that we have trained. Remember, your Admissions Team is your first impression in most cases. They need to be a major strength in your company and we are the training source to make sure that you are top in your game. The following link talks about our call center training. Admissions Call Center Training | The Addictions Academy | 800.706.0318
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