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Join Dr. Cali Estes on HealthiNation as she Discusses Life Hacks using CBT Techniques


Join Dr. Cali Estes on HealthiNation as she discusses life hacks using CBT techniques. Everyone should try a CBT technique to train their brain to think positive.

CBT techniques8 Little Life Lessons Everyone Could Learn from Cognitive Behavioral Therapists

You don’t need an anxiety disorder to benefit from CBT perspectives.

Therapy isn’t always what it looks like in movies and movies, with a despondent client sprawled across an old couch while a stoic therapist asks prying questions.

In reality, therapy looks a little different for everyone. For people who think therapy is just “talking about your feelings” or “analyzing your past,” cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT,  might offer a more focused and goal-oriented approach.

CBT is about becoming aware of your thought patterns and learning how to respond to them in healthy ways.

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