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Well….another weird twist in the Lamar Odom/Khloé Kardashian drug abuse saga. Lamar Odom, the popular NBA player who married Kardashian in 2009, has been battling an Oxy and Roxy problem combined with alcohol. He was just arrested in August on suspicion of driving under the influence after police spotted him weaving in and out of traffic on A L.A. freeway. This happened around the same time he grabbed a reporters video camera and smashed it after reports hit the web about him cheating on Khloe and disappearing on drug benders. All seemed to be pointing in a positive direction last week when Lamar checked himself into a drug rehab in SoCal…….BUT, it appears that he has left rehab after only 1 day of “treatment”. Lamar was spotted leaving a Sushi Bar in L.A. Monday night and when questioned about why he wasn’t in rehab Odom responded telling reporters that he did not have a drug problem and wasn’t in need of professional help. My question is then why admit to having an “issue” the week before and checking into the rehab in the first place. Has the “almighty” Kardashian family asked Lamar to change his “tune” to hide other drug abuse in that family? Has Lamar’s agent advised him to change his “tune” to make sure Odom gets picked up by some NBA team this season? There could be a number of reasons for Mr. Odom doing a complete “180” on his drug issue and none of them would make more sense than staying put and being receptive to the help that He asked for in the first place. I would love to hear other possibilities from you on why you think Lamar Odom completely changed his “tune” on this drug issue.

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  1. I am a CI (counselor intern) in the substance abuse field. I enjoy reading your posts and feel what you have accomplished and do on a daily basis truly inspiring! My ultimate goal is to obtain my Masters, and I am a true believer in the Recovery Coaches. I believe that having a Recovery Coach will greatly improve clients chances of living a substance-free life and allow them to learn how to maintain their sobriety and develop the coping skills so many addicts/alcoholics lack. I am a 41 year old single mother of a beautiful daughter who is now in college. I was a litigation paralegal for 25 years, and decided long ago that my passion in life was helping others and my ultimate job would be helping people who feel completely hopeless because of addiction. I am now pursuing my dream and am inspired by people like yourself who do this because they care and believe that addiction can be conquered with a good coach and a committment to just do something different!!

    You are awesome! Keep doing what you obviously do very well! Congratulations on all your success!

    Kari Bullington
    Counselor Intern
    Dallas, Texas