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Legalizing Marijuana in the NFL? The Most Influential Owner in Pro Sports is a Supporter!

Legalizing Marijuana in the NFL? The Most Influential Owner in Pro Sports is a Supporter! 

When you think of Texas billionaire Jerry Jones, you would surely think of the Dallas Cowboys first, then “oil tycoon”, the NFL Hall of Fame as of 2017 and now you can add marijuana supporter to his list.

Yep, you heard it correctly. Dallas Cowboys renegade owner has now let all the other NFL owners know at the owners meetings in Phoenix this week, that he is “all in” on legalizing recreational marijuana use in the NFL.

With marijuana being legal in some way in 8 states with NFL franchises Jerry Jones is taking the position that the league is unfairly punishing players for something that is legal in a quarter of the NFL franchise states. And in his eyes, more importantly, the league is taking away the right for some of its young men to make a living.

Some say Mr. Jones is just being his “revolutionary” self that he has been for his entire life and for over a quarter-century in the NFL. Jerry Jones sees things before they come to be and steers those around him in the direction of success and more importantly, PROGRESS. When the NFL had certain companies that franchises could use for entertainment products, Jones when 180 degrees in the opposite direction. The NFL said all teams must use Coca Cola and Jerry put Pepsi products in his stadium then had Pepsi give him millions as a sponsor. These types of moves gave Mr Jones the renegade label. Jerry actually sued the NFL to have the right to use whatever sponsors he chooses and won. This move and his structuring of TV rights changed the NFL forever and gave us the league we have today.

So is this move to legalize Marijuana in the NFL another vision he has to change the league and its history of opiate abuse forever in a positive way or does Jerry have a vested interest in the punishment aspect? Although this news just broke yesterday, skeptics are already voicing their concerns for Mr Jones’ intentions.

Over the 25 plus years that Jerry has been at the helm of the Dallas Cowboys, player after player has been ripped from his playing field due to multi-game suspensions for substance abuse. Adam “Pac Man” Jones was lost a few years ago, Rolando McClain was suspended all of last year and half of 2015. Last year both starting star defensive linemen Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence were lost for 10 games which greatly impacted the season outcome. Lawrence was allowed to return after game 10 while Gregory came back for 2 games in weeks 11 and 12 only to be re-suspended for the rest of the year and all of 2017 for yet another failed test, likely ending his career.

So is Jerry just looking out for his own rear end on the playing field or is it really extremely unfair to take away a man’s way to feed his family over a substance that is legal in over a quarter of the NFL cities? I guess we will soon find out. Meanwhile, if you are an NFL player battling with substance abuse or any addiction contact us here at www.theaddictionscoach.com for help.

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