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Listen to Cali Estes on Overcoming Addiction with Hosts Carrie Turcotte and Sheldon Hill.


Listen to TheAddictionsCoachCali Estes on Overcoming Addiction with host, Carrie Turcotte and co-host, Sheldon Hill.

Dr. Cali Estes uses a multidimensional approach that focuses on the underlying cause of the addiction or issue that you are experiencing and she approaches each client in a unique manner.

Dr. Estes’ multidimensional approach focuses on getting to the underlying cause of the problem you are experiencing. She focuses her work in the present to combat these issues by creating a safe and secure environment for her clients to learn and grow and tackle life challenges. Her unique background blend of psychotherapy, life coaching and wellness coaching allows you, the client, to get to the underlying cause of the issues, quicker, safer and with results being produced faster.

Visit The Addictions Coach or The Addictions Academy or call 1.800.706.0318 to learn more about Dr. Cali Estes and the services we provide.



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