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Los Angeles Sober Coach: FOOD ADDICT? Look What Sugar DOES to You, and See How You FEEL After You Detox.

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What Happens When You Cut Sugar Out Of Your Diet?

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April 16, 2015

If you decide to eliminate sugar from your diet, you will undoubtedly feel numerous positive benefits. However, at the start, we must state that sugar itself isn’t evil, in fact. In its natural form, it occurs in plenty of foods, including milk and fruits. Due to this, the excess sugar we consume is simply not necessary.what-happens-when-you-cut-sugar-out-of-your-diet

We live in a world where the desire for sugar and sweets is unsustainable, as well as foods that include copious amounts of sugar for flavoring. Once again, the fact is that we certainly don’t need these extra amounts of sugar. When one stops eating anything but natural sugars, five important changes occur:

1. Energy Improvement

All that sugar we artificially consume blocks our body’s ability to keep the energy stores at maximum levels. Ironically, most of us have a habit to reach for something sweet, sugar-filled items like the so-called energy drinks and caffeinated beverages, when we’re tired. As we stated before, without all that unnecessary sugar, we’re guaranteed to have a higher energy level, naturally. Plus, there will be no turbulences in the blood sugar levels, so you can count on leaving your afternoon crashes in the past.

2. More Efficient Performance of the Intestines and Colon

The truth is that the inside of our bodies seek for lots of fiber and a minimum amount of tough-to-digest, impure foods on a daily basis. When one stops to consume sugar, the whole body gets to maintain its normal balance and routine. The intestines and colon will reset their abilities to process the consumed food.

3. Healthier Skin Look

You may have noticed that sometimes acne appears and disappears despite all the creams, potions, and ointments you’re using? The sugar you consume may be the cause of this. Numerous people claim that their skin has been radically improved and has acquired a healthier look after they stop giving in to sugar’s pull.

4. Body Weight Stabilizes

Sugar is addictive, and we’re not talking about raw sugar only. The reality is that most sugar comes in high-fat and/or high-carb foods that have been processed or at least contain tons of unwanted ingredients. Sugar makes you crave more sugar- a fact. Except for fruits, of course, which are nearly all sugar.

When avoiding sugar, one will stop seeing the scale fluctuate as dramatically. This comes as a result of the reduced necessity of all those additional calories which were consumed before.  The need for food will be minimized and the loss of weight thus is inevitable.

5. Minimized Sugar Need

After you rid it from your food regimen, you’ll slowly begin to feel a desire to eat only sugar- free foods. Fruits will have a plenty sweet taste, and if you take a bite of something sweet like you used before, a piece of cake, for example, you will find its taste overpowering and overly sweet in a way.

Are you prepared to end up on a sugar- free regimen for good?

Facts say that more than  50 percent of all Americans consume one-half pound of sugar – per day! Regarding these devastating results and the countless dangers of consuming too much sugar, the World Health Organization has changed its sugar recommendation. No more than 5% of your daily calories should come from the sweet stuff, down from the previously recommended 10 percent.

Start small. Evaluate everything you’re eating and drinking. If you are addicted to certain special sweet or a sugar-laced coffee drink, start by reducing the times you consume it. Then, scale back some more. Soon, omit certain products entirely. Over time, you will adjust to your new habits and all this will become easier. If you have slight missteps, such as eating a candy bar after a stressful workday, just keep forging ahead. Remember that it takes about three weeks before a new way of doing something becomes a comfortable routine. Just be determined: the results of your diligence will definitely be worth it.

Certainly, to start cutting back on sugar now is definitely a good idea, especially if you’ve been a sugar-holic for most of your lifetime. The faster you begin, the faster you’ll start to feel the advantages of going sugar-free.


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