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LOS ANGELES SOBER COACH. An Olympic gold medalist arrested again for DUI


LOS ANGELES SOBER COACH. An Olympic gold medalist arrested again for DUI. Where is his sober coach or recovery coach?
Inpatient treatment will only go so far. He needs real life, real world help.  Help on the issues outside of the cocoon of treatment.  Here is where we come in and we assist. We keep him sober. Call us if your loved one needs care in real world time.


Phelps Says Swimming On Hold After DUI Arrest

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has been arrested for DUI, again.  This time though, he is putting swimming on hold to get help.

The CBS Miami article states:

According to his representatives at Octagon, Phelps entered an in-patient program that will keep him from competing at least through mid-November, though there’s no indication he plans to give up swimming.

“The past few days have been extremely difficult,” Phelps said in a statement. “I recognize that this is not my first lapse in judgment, and I am extremely disappointed with myself. I’m going to take some time away to attend a program that will provide the help I need to better understand myself.

He added, “Swimming is a major part of my life, but right now I need to focus my attention on me as an individual, and do the necessary work to learn from this experience and make better decisions in the future.”

But what will happen after he leaves the in-patient treatment program?  When he returns home to Baltimore, to his everyday routine and everyday stresses?  If he’s truly planning on the 2016 Olympic games, he needs to be at the top of his game.  When he returns, the same stress and issues will still be there.  He will need a sober coach or recovery coach to assist in the real world.



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