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Los Angeles Sober Coach: There’s a New Modality in the Treatment World. What is MOBILE REHAB?

Los Angeles Sober Coach: There’s a New Modality in the Treatment World. What is MOBILE REHAB?

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Where do the rich and famous go when they need help with addiction? How do they protect their privacy and their reputations? If they go to any traditional treatment center, they will be in the news within minutes! What options do they have? The truth is that until now, they haven’t had many options at all.


There IS a new and exciting OPTION for those who:

Need to protect their good name

Can’t go away from work for months

Are famous and need to stay private

Are Presidents and CEOs of large Corporations

Are public personalities that need to protect their reputations

Are Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Pilots and high-profile people

Want a private way to recover in total confidentiality


What is all this NEW EXCITEMENT about?

It’s called “MOBILE REHAB!” The company brings the treatment center to the client! Wow, what a concept! The mobile rehab comes with everything from at-home detoxification, therapy, several recovery modalities, Nationally certified recovery coaches, sober companions, interventionists, anger management practitioners, case managers, domestic violence advocates, family recovery coaches, gambling addiction coaches, sexual addiction coaches, addiction counselors, and everything a person suffering from addiction will need to recover from addiction.

Clients can still continue to run their companies, stay on set, keep their commitments, and not interrupt their busy schedules at all. The mobile rehab team works around the client’s schedule. The team will help the client get through tough engagements clean and sober. This is very exciting news!

Does this new and exciting modality really work?

To date, the results have been outstanding! Testimonies from clients have been very positive, showing lasting sobriety and clean time. Clients are thrilled about the privacy and the confidentiality. The Mobile Rehab Team is all sworn to protect the identity of all of their clients. The team leader told me that they have had one hundred percent satisfaction in the past year. That’s a good track record for any new modality as a start up.

Exactly how expensive is this new modality?

Surprisingly the Mobile Rehab is quite affordable! Depending on which of the services a client chooses to utilize during their treatment, the cost will vary. Mobile Rehab is actually less expensive than most traditional treatment programs around the country. The bottom line is that this new and exciting modality is affordable for most clients.

Where does this concept come from?

Whenever there is a need for something, new ideas come from creative minds. There is a movement in the recovery world for a la carte treatment; where each need is met separately. This is the same concept delivered to the client’s doorstep, movie set, office, or wherever they would like. Most people don’t know about this modality as of yet. The news is travelling fast!

A testimony from a World Champion athlete from three months ago: “I think Mobile Rehab is fantastic, the team provides the client with everything that they need to recover and there are no press leaks to worry about!”

How do potential clients find a mobile rehab?

The best way to find a mobile rehab is to Google it on the internet. This is a fast pace and growing industry. The a la carte treatment concept has been around for quite a while. Expect to see many mobile rehabs in the near future. Buyers beware! Make sure you find the real deal! If you want real treatment and identity protection, then you need to find a good mobile rehab, not just some copycat company.

There is a major paradigm shift coming to the treatment world

Treatment as we know it will never be the same. We have so many creative and talented professionals in the treatment field today. It’s an exciting time to work in the recovery field; with all the new changes and new modalities there is more hope for saving lives than ever before in our history. A modality like Mobile Rehab is just one example of the many new and exciting changes in the treatment of addiction. Saving lives one day at a time, one person at a time, that’s progress!

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