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Meditation Instead of Detention? Schools Are Seeing Results!


Meditation Instead of Detention? Schools Are Seeing Results!

What a concept!  Instead of adding frustration and boredom to a misbehaving child, by putting them in a detention setting and telling them to be silent and not discussing the root cause of the behavior, a meditation moment can offer a chance for the child to calm down, connect with their emotions and may help them learn how to control the outbursts in the future.  Read on for an excerpt about one school finding better solutions to dealing with disruptive behavior.

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Imagine you’re working at a school and one of the kids is starting to act up. What do you do?

Traditionally, the answer would be to give the unruly kid detention or suspension.

But in my memory, detention tended to involve staring at walls, bored out of my mind, trying to either surreptitiously talk to the kids around me without getting caught or trying to read a book. If it was designed to make me think about my actions, it didn’t really work. It just made everything feel stupid and unfair.

But Robert W. Coleman Elementary School has been doing something different when students act out: offering meditation.

Instead of punishing disruptive kids or sending them to the principal’s office, the Baltimore school has something called the Mindful Moment Room instead.

The room looks nothing like your standard windowless detention room. Instead, it’s filled with lamps, decorations, and plush purple pillows. Misbehaving kids are encouraged to sit in the room and go through practices like breathing or meditation, helping them calm down and re-center. They are also asked to talk through what happened.

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