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The Millennial Mindset with Morgan Bryan. There’s More to Millennials Than You Think!


There’s More to Millennials Than You Think!

Some may call it a personal opinion, an age group, “those people,” and my personal favorite “that generation.” This might come as a bit of a shock to some, but millennials are not as incompetent and selfish as some may think. The goal before you are done reading this entire article is to get a better understanding of why millennials are the way they are. This doesn’t mean what you are about to read is negative, it does not mean everything is positive. However, that is what is so amazing about the world. Every generation you come across, every person, no matter what race or gender, is completely different. The world is diverse, exciting, controversial, thrilling, and so much more. Believe it or not, all these things and more is what plays only a little part in the millennial mindset. This is the moment where we breakdown this generation’s mindset to better understand what exactly makes them “different.”

Fearless young men and women

When you read the word fearless, you might have thought about overcoming a fear of spiders, or a fear of heights, etc. What I mean by millennials being fearless, is that this generation is not at all afraid to stand up for what they believe in. They are not scared or hesitant to chase after their dreams and goals when they don’t get someone’s approval. This doesn’t make this generation a bunch of crybabies or people throwing fits, it makes them strong. This may come off as a challenge to some who are not millennials, but try to understand where they are coming from, take a walk in their shoes if you must. It doesn’t make them wrong on a certain point and it doesn’t make you wrong, but come to a mutual agreement. Respect each other’s positions, respects each other’s hopes, dreams, and everything else in between.

Ever heard of survival of the fittest?

This may be the most bizarre thing you may ever hear, but I’m about to compare human beings of one generation to the next with survival of the fittest. That’s right, you have to be the most fit in order to survive. It might be a bit of an exaggeration; however, it will get the point across. No one has to be the buffest, or smartest in order to survive, that’s not exactly what I mean. The world is changing each and every day. From the simple ways of driving, to the complicated things like technology, the world is ever-changing. Are millennials more adaptable to things such as new technology than say an older person? Not necessarily, it’s just that sometimes people adapted better to something quicker. This battle, can be fixed and easily recognized. Accept that no matter what you say, do, or protest, the world and everything in it will continue to change. Yup, this world is just that awesome.

Teach, not Preach

Okay, let’s clear up something. When a younger person asks a question or is honestly confused about something. They aren’t always trying to rattle your ruffles. Sometimes, they truly need guidance. After all, they still need that support and guidance sometimes. This leads us to possibly one of the most valid points you’ll read today. When you come across a millennial who needs help or advice, respect them as much as you want to be respected. Don’t begin to judge or degrade someone because they don’t know about something. No matter what the topic is, and what you are teaching them, respect where they come from and respect where all of you will go from that situation.

The famous term “snowflake”

Ah, at last we get to the most used term to describe millennials. Although the term snowflake has a few meanings, the most popular one that sticks, is entitlement. You might ask yourself why millennials think they are entitled to a new car, or to concert tickets, or think they deserve everything money can buy for Christmas. The root of that problem? Parenting. That’s right, and no I’m not trying to pull your leg or make a joke. Are some millennials entitled? Yes, absolutely, but not every millennial is. In fact, I am not entitled. I was raised to work for what I truly wanted and only expect to receive what I needed. Key word though is raised, so many times older parents blame the internet for their kids’ attitudes towards working and other things. That isn’t always the case and it started with the way some parents raised their children. When they are growing up and never hear the word no, and get everything they ask for, what else do you expect when your child turns 16 and wants a brand new car? Then you do exactly that and give it to them, you’re raising entitlement. It starts with you, teach them to work, to learn, to grow.

There is a moment in time where people should stop pointing fingers and work with others instead of shaming. Millennials are strong, outspoken, fearless, caring, and passionate. This does not make them brats, whiny babies, fit throwers, or any other derogatory term you can think of. After all, sometimes it’s easier to shame than it is easier to accept that you can’t handle or do what millennials do.

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Morgan B

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Morgan left home and headed to Georgia to pursue her dreams. She is a full-time college student at Georgia Southern University, studying Special Education with a focus on Pre-Med. Future goals include medical school and a surgical residency program.  Morgan is very passionate about accomplishing any goal she sets in her sights.  She enjoys music and keeping in contact with her circle of friends and staying connected to loved ones.  She loves adventure and is always up for a new experience.

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