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Mom Sentenced In Breastfeeding Overdose



Mom Sentenced In Breastfeeding Overdose

Stephanie Greene killed her infant daughter back in November of 2010.  She gave her six-week old baby breast milk that contained at least  Morphine and Klonopin.  The level of  Morphine was lethal for an adult.  The baby was found dead in her parent’s bed.  Stephanie was found slurring her words and disoriented.

Apparently she was able to hide her pregnancy from her doctors so she could continue receiving the prescriptions for the pain-killers and anti-anxiety medications.  She also never told her ob/gyn that she was on Morphine.  So, unless she was deliberately trying to kill her baby, (which I don’t think is the case here), somewhere along the way, information about the benefits of breastfeeding slipped through the drug-induced haze surrounding her brain.  She may have been ignorant of the fact that the drugs pass through to the breast milk, or she may have been in such a state that she didn’t even realize that she was harming her baby by breastfeeding.

Whatever the reasons, or motives, the end result is the tragic death of an infant, and a mother that most likely wasn’t even aware that her baby was dead.

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