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Mommy and Me…and a Bottle of Wine



Mommy and Me…and a Bottle of Wine

It is becoming more and more popular for moms to include wine in various aspects of their day.  From desperate housewives to working moms, it is increasingly acceptable to imbibe while caring for your children.

Moms are bringing along an extra “bundle of joy” to their playgroups, and spending as much time drinking and gossiping as the children are playing.  It seems that media and merchandise marketing endeavors are behind this emerging mommy pastime.  From adult “sippy cups” to onesies that proclaim “my mommy drinks wine”, and even wine labels that are geared to the mommy wine drinker.

So what exactly is wrong with a little wine?  You deserve it, right?  You care for your baby or child all day, so what’s wrong with something to relax with at the end (or middle) of the day?

Aside from the obvious danger you put your child in by trying to care for them while inebriated, there is a serious risk that a little “mommy’s time out” with a glass or bottle of wine can lead to addiction.

“Men are more likely to become addicts in general,” states Laura Makey, a member of the board of directors for Women For Sobriety (WFS) and a recovering alcoholic. But, “women tend to become addicts more quickly than men and to have a harder time quitting.”

“It usually starts in the group with one person who has that mentality (that it’s okay),” says Cali Estes, M.S., an internationally certified addictions and drug counselor and the founder of The Addictions Coach in Miami, FL.  “She encourages the other women to indulge with her.” For some of these mothers, “It goes from being a once a week thing to an every day thing,” she says.

Please read more about this unsettling trend in the article below.  Seek help for yourself or someone you know.

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