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Sober Coach: Music loses another Talent, enough is enough!

Music loses another Talent, enough is enough!


As we posted yesterday, Rock music icon Scott Weiland lost his 34 year battle with heroin addiction while on his tour bus before a scheduled show in Minnesota. This is such a familiar story in the music industry. It’s a story that needs an ending! We have lost too many talented souls to drugs and alcohol and most of these people had lengthy stints trying to kick their inevitable date with an early death. But as we see so often, record labels, managers and the artist themselves need the artist performing and making money at ALL costs. A 6 to 12 month break to go to rehab for a touring and recording musician could be career death for them in their eyes. What is the solution?

We here at Top Rated Addiction Recovery and Sober Coaching Services believe that those souls at risk need a sober coach helping to steer them in the right direction. And this means literally going on tour with the musician! It’s not a popular alternative at first for most musicians and the surrounding band. For example, The Addictions Coach owner and founder, Cali Estes, has personally been on multiple tours to help struggling musicians. The 2013 tour she went on had the band mates that still “partied” booking their hotel rooms as far from her and the recovering band mate as they possibly could. But towards the end of the tour the “using” band mates were trying to get sober themselves.

To this day, the musician Cali helped is clean and the rest of that band is sober as well. This process works and managers, record labels and self supportive bands and musicians need to realize that a few weeks investment into one of our sober coaches is a small price to pay to keep the machine running and the actual musician alive!

I want to share an extremely sad link now. The following link is a list of musicians that we have lost since 2010. It shows their age and what drug killed them. All of this death and suffering in 5 short years. It can be avoided. We need to wake up! Here is the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pop_musicians_who_died_of_drug_overdose#2010s_deaths

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