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Nationally Certified Interventionist (NCIP) Course

Nationally Certified Interventionist (NCIP) Course

As a Certified Interventionist, you want the most comprehensive training on the market at a National level.  We offer the NCIP with 16 NAADAC CEU’s available.  Imagine helping others by offering them a secure and safe alcohol intervention or drug intervention to get their loved one into treatment. Our Intervention Training program can be completed in 16 hrs or get the coveted Clinical Intervention Training with us which expands upon what you have learned and teaches you more in depth Intervention techniques. We offer both live virtual classroom, webinar intervention training and of course Intervention classroom hours in person throughout the country.  All of our courses meet state and national standards in Intervention Certification and Intervention training Course guidelines. You can sit for the PA CIP after our class.

If you have ‘the gift’ to help people get into rehab or detox and turn their lives around, this career as a Nationally Certified Interventionist is for you.  You are probably in recovery yourself and have a true desire to help people by using your intervention training skills.  With our certified intervention training course, you will learn how to assist your clients in the most ethical and legal way possible with the least resistance on their end.  We teach clear and concise methods that are evidenced based practice and all of our intervention training courses cover ethics, legal issues specific to intervention, pre screening for the proper intervention, pre-intervention, intervention and post intervention. We offer real world case scenarios and teach you body language and proper client placement during a clinical intervention.

Our trained Master’s level Interventionists have logged over 1000 Intervention hours each and can teach you how to master the art of intervention. At our Intervention Training , we will  focus on clinical and detox assessment, family system dynamics, case management aspects, crisis interventions, placements, networking and outreach, methodology and planning and execution. You will leave our intervention certification feeling knowledgeable and wanting more. You will feel secure and able to tackle any intervention jobs that come your way and you will have a basic understanding of how and where clients will come from when you start your own intervention business.

Our two day Intervention Training Course will explore all the various models of intervention available and how to properly utilize the best techniques for your client that will be the most affective. We utilize the exclusive RAAD model that will assist all clients and allot you a higher success rate for placing people into treatment.  In our Intervention Training program, you will become an interventionist that can handle the unexpected outcomes while in the field.  We utilize role play and bring you real live examples of stressors and issues that arise during the intervention. In our Intervention Training Program  we will address several styles of mock interventions, dealing with aggressive clients, out of control clients, clients in the Criminal Justice system and the upper elite/wealthy client along with handling unique and stressful family situations. When to say no to a client and how to terminate the relationships will be addressed.

To become an interventionist, you need to know both Family Intervention and Individual Interventions and how they are used differently. We cover it all. Prepare for an intense class that will leave you with so much information gathered from our 20+ years of experience in the drug and alcohol treatment industry.

We provide all the documents you need to learn how to become an interventionist and effectively run a business. For your safety we have  included contracts, assessment for detox, duty to warn and confidentially agreements.  learn how to become a board certified interventionist today.  Call us at 1.800.706.0318

– See more at: http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com/therapy-professionals/recovery-courses-and-certifications/intervention-certification/

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