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NFL Sober Coach: 7 NFL Teams with the Most PED Abuse

NFL Sober Coach:  7 NFL Teams with the Most PED Abuse.
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The media is consistently reporting on professional sports players and the use of banned performance enhancing drugs (PEDs),  specifically in the National Football League.   Ironically, they aren’t enhancing many of the players performances and consequently leading many players to multiple game suspensions and more disconcerting, to serious drug addictions.
While the New England Patriots are being — and will continue to be — lambasted as cheaters for their controversial playoff run to a win in Super Bowl XLIX, it is important to remember that their opponents, the Seattle Seahawks, weren’t boasting the most squeaky-clean track record themselves.
The Seahawks happen to be one of the league leaders in player suspensions for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) and substance abuse since 2010. Ironically, two of the suspensions for the Seahawks came from the same player, and that person now plays for the Patriots.
Here’s a look at the top seven teams in terms of number of players suspended for PEDs and substance abuse in the past five years.
In fourth place, Baltimore, St. Louis, NY Giants, and Tampa all tied with 5 suspensions on each team.
Third place goes to the Indianapolis Colts, who have 6 suspensions themselves.
In second place sits the Seattle Seahawks, with an alarming 9 suspensions.
Now, here is an interesting fact, the team with the most suspensions is the Washington Redskins with 10. What makes this so interesting is that Washington has been one of the worst teams in the NFL over the past decade.  So this shows that using these banned substances isn’t really giving the players a competitive edge. In fact, out of the above listed teams with the most suspensions, only 3 have made the playoffs recently.
This feeds the theory that PEDs are just as addictive as other drugs. Or maybe it’s safer to say that the process of becoming bigger and stronger at all costs is just as addictive as other illegal drugs. With these suspended players losing hundreds of thousands of dollars if caught, it’s safe to say that this group of players need sober coaches and can find one at www . theaddictionscoach.com.
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