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NFL Sober Coach: Can Medical Marijuana Reverse the Effects of CTE?


Think about this for a moment. You have persistent vomiting for three days. You have constant bouts with total confusion. You have suicidal tendencies, thoughts of self harm and fits of uncontrollable rage. These are just a few of the horrifying symptoms of CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. CTE is a disease of the brain which has no cure that is usually found in athletes who engage in sports with constant head “banging” or head trauma.  There is a potential treatment being considered for this disease that until now has been dubbed untreatable and incurable.

We all are well aware of the controversy surrounding the NFL and how it is pumping its players full of opioid pain killers to get them back on the field to keep the “product” at a premium level at all costs. We are also all well aware of the controversy these pain pills cause when addictions are developed during and after the players careers. So let’s take an already super controversial issue such as CTE and throw in an even more controversial solution as possible pain management with certain CTE symptoms by using opioids pain pills.

What if we told you we could make this subject even MORE controversial. Could it possibly get any more controversial? Yes it could. We are now getting information that Medical Marijuana is becoming the front-runner in treating CTE! So like we said, there is no cure for CTE but studies are now showing that medical marijuana can prevent CTE caused by repeated brain injuries or concussions. THC stimulates parts of the brain that are used to heal the brain after a concussion. Yep, you heard correctly…THC! So medical marijuana might not only reduce the effects of CTE but it might also reverse the effects of CTE.

So is the NFL ready to accept these findings and allow players with concussion history be allowed to use marijuana after injury? Not at this point says commissioner Rodger Goddell. He claims more studies need to be done all the while cramming opioids down these players throats to get them back on the field.

If you are a retired NFL player suffering from CTE or suffering from the disease from other reasons, contact us here at NFL Sober Coach or call us at 1.800.706.0318 for immediate help!!

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