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NFL Sober Coach: Josh Brent, a return to Dallas Cowboys after Manslaughter?


Josh Brent

NFL Sober Coach

Should Dallas Cowboys, Josh Brent Be Allowed to Play After a Manslaughter Conviction?

2 years ago Josh Brent and Jerry Brown were living the dream. They both were players for the Dallas Cowboys and had been good friends since they played together in college at the University of Illinois.

The two teammates were out celebrating with other Dallas Cowboys right before Christmas when it all went wrong. After having a large amount of alcohol (17 drinks), Josh Brent got behind the wheel of his Mercedes while Jerry Brown got into the passenger seat. The two were speeding down a Texas highway when Brent lost control of the car and crashed. Jerry Brown was killed. Josh Brent was arrested and charged with DUI Vehicular Manslaughter. Bond was set for Brent and he bonded out a few days later, and this is where the controversy started.

The Cowboys had a game 2 days later and Brent was seen on national TV on the Cowboys sideline. Some people feel that he should have still been in jail not on the Cowboys sideline in a Cowboys jumpsuit. In another major “twist”, Jerry Brown’s mother, publicly showed support for the man who was responsible for her son’s death. She has stated numerous times that she supports him and wants him to continue playing football. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones followed right behind Mrs. Brown allowing Brent to remain on the team throughout his legal process.

The legal system ran it’s course and Josh Brent was sentenced to 180 days in jail followed by 10 years probation. Brent has served his 6 months in jail and is a free man and wants to play for the Cowboys again. It appears that the Cowboys created a roster spot this week for Brent by cutting QB Orton. Although nothing is official yet it appears to be heading in that direction.

The Cowboys organization and owner Jerry Jones have stood by Josh all along and listened to the deceased player’s mother on the issue. The possibility of this signing is causing a big “stir” nationally. The NFL Commissioner has basically said that he served his time with the courts, much like Mike Vick, and that he can play with no further punishment from the league. This doesn’t sit well with some people and it sits “just fine” with others. Especially Cowboys fans and the Cowboys Organization. If you remember the Cowboys set records for worst defense in team history last year and Josh Brent is an excellent Defensive Tackle….What are your thoughts? ?

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