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NFL Sober Coach: A Miami Dolphin Cocaine Platter!



So what would possess a fifty-something, professional, making over 2 million dollars a year, flush it all down the toilet over cocaine and an exotic dancer? Well, it happened down here in Miami.

Miami Dolphins Offensive Line Coach Chris Foerster, decided to do a few lines of “chunky” cocaine (as he called it) all the while videoing himself and bragging that he was doing so before “a meeting”.

Now we can only assume that the “meeting” in question was a Miami Dolphin Football Operation meeting which would be how Coach Foerster earns his hefty 2.5 million dollar salary, but that has yet to be proven or admitted. So back to the the issue at hand. Why would someone throw it all away and do so with his very own camera in hand?

Foerster supposedly met this female escort/dancer while in LA during the off season and from the “get go” began requesting to snort cocaine off her body. The two began a relationship and Foerster started professing his “love” for her almost instantly. The relationship was brief, only about a month, but Foerster talked of marriage and kids almost instantly. He also offered to move this dancer and her best friend into his Miami condo. This relationship seemed to be completely one-sided. Coach Foerster was talking love, kids and marriage while this dancer says “she cared for Chris but a point had to be made.”

This point was, how white employees in the NFL are treated differently than black employees. She had an agenda all along. So how did Foerster miss this and hang himself? What would cause someone to make such a huge life-altering mistake?

Snorting lines of cocaine off of someone else’s body tells me that Foerster didn’t just start using cocaine. There is definitely a history of drug abuse here, in my opinion. And hiring escorts and falling in love instantly also tells me that there are self-esteem issues as well as relationship issues. And then there has to be some issues with grandiosity with Foerster thinking that this wouldn’t come back to “bite him in the rear” in the future. We can only hope that Coach Foerster gets the help he needs. We here at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction have worked hand in hand with ex NFL players and coaches who have ruined their careers over their addictions.  Don’t wait until your career is over to reach out for help!  Call and speak with a member of our elite team.  1.800.706.0318

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