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Nine Ways to Market Yourself as a Professional Coach

And get started TODAY with Nine Ways to Market Yourself as a Professional Coach: 
Social Media Ads:
Every day your name or the name of your coaching business, your logo, and what you offer, needs to be in front of social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram. Pinterest, etc.  You should also establish coaching groups within the appropriate sites that you can do so.  You can use a site such as Hootsuite to manage the scheduling of all of your ads and social media sites.  You can also make professional video ads on sites such as Viddyad.com to publish wherever you like. Use video, it’s hot right now!
Your Own Exciting, Informational, and Relevant Website:
Websites are crucial to your success in the Professional Coaching business.  Unless you are a computer whiz, use a professional to build your website for you.  Look at other Professional Coach’s websites to get an idea what your competition has, so that you know what the standard is that your webmaster needs to outshine.  Your website needs to be fresh, exciting, and informative.  You will need to be able to update your site on a regular basis.  Your introduction must be eye-catching to the viewer or they will move on.  Your site must stand out from all of the others and establish you as the best of the best! Use video!
Writing Articles and Content on Professional Coaching:
To market yourself or your company successfully you must establish yourself as an expert in the industry of Professional Coaching, one of the best ways is through writing articles and content on Professional Coaching.  “Show your knowledge” as a real pro!  Write your own content, hire ghost writers, and curate content from companies such as “Scoop-It.”  Ghost writers will write articles for you and you can sign your name as the author, this is a great service for those who are too busy to write articles on a regular basis.  You should write some articles yourself, just to keep yourself honest!  Curation is where you re-publish an article that has already been published from a curation company like “Scoop-It.” It doesn’t matter where you post and publish as long as you do, places with larger audiences are best.  Some companies will pay you to write articles and content usually about five cents per word.
 Creating a Blog, and Blogging:
Creating your own blog and writing for other companies on their blogs are wonderful ways to continue to establish your professionalism, knowledge, and expertise in the coaching industry.  Many companies are looking for experts to write on their blogs and some will even pay you to do so. Make sure to write on your blog on a regular basis, keep it fresh and interesting  Invite guest bloggers that are big names in the industry to show how well connected you are with other experts.  They would not blog for you if you were not an expert also!  You can even have more than one blog and a blog can go right on your website.  Use quotes, the latest news, anything exciting and eye-catching.  Videos are Hot, Hot, and Hot; use them!
Writing a Book:
Anyone who publishes a book increases their credibility.  If you happen to get on the bestsellers list, that is a major feather in your “Expert Cap.”  Your book doesn’t have to be a novel, it can be a short how-to book, or anything interesting, that people will buy and read.  If your book is on Professional Coaching, that is best.
Establishing Yourself as an Expert in the Professional Coaching Industry:
The goal in everything that you do is to establish yourself as the go-to expert in the Professional Coaching industry.  You need to be professional, ethical, and on top of your game at all times.  People are watching every move you make in public and private life, always be professional.  People are watching especially on social media such as Facebook.  Be the expert that you are!
Build a Data Base of Emails of Interested Clients:
Your webmaster can build your website so that it’s automated to give away something to potential clients in exchange for their email information.  The site will automatically build a database from the name and email of potential clients who show interest in your free giveaway items.  You can offer free e-books, white sheets, pens, stress-balls, anything.
 Plan and host a Free Webinar:
Once you have enough names and email addresses in your database, you can plan to do a free webinar for potential clients.  Please note, don’t give away too much for free!  Tell the potential clients a little bit about Professional coaching, maybe invite a former client who is willing to share for a few minutes on the webinar.  Maybe do a Q and A with potential clients and yourself.  Sell the potential clients on a planned live event, or a DVD, book, etc. while you have a captive audience at the webinar.
Host a Live Event:
Once you have sold enough seats to have a live event, then you are well on your way to being a successful Professional Coach!  All you will need to do now is sell the clients on the next webinar, live event, DVD series, book, etc. at the live event, and count the cash!  If you can sell out a live event, you have made it!  Remember, you never leave money on the table, one event leads to the next.  Get referrals, names and emails, addresses from the people at webinars and live events of friends and family who would benefit from your expert Professional Coaching services.

If you can master these nine Professional Coaching marketing techniques, there is no doubt that you will be well on your way to filling events and making the kind of income that others only dream of.  Potential without action gets nowhere!  Successful Professional Coaches always follow a business plan that sets them up for success.  This is one of those plans!  Let’s go coach, your clients are waiting!

Dr. Cali Estes PhD.

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