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NY Yankees REVIEW of Cali Estes

NY Yankees REVIEW of Cali Estes

Cali Estes Review of The Addictions Academy by NY Yankees Interventionist.

miami class
“As the New York Yankees Intervention Coach, attending “The Addictions Academy provided me the opportunity to become a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach. I took the Intervention classes which were very informative. The classes were taught in a manner where I can understand them and were very worthwhile. We did role play. I did Recovery Coaching I and II and Intervention. Taking these classes with Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy has given me the tools that I need to better assist the needs of the New York Yankees’ players, coaches and staff.”
Ronald Dock
“It was an absolute pleasure to train the NY Yankees Interventionist and Recovery Coach. It is important that all sports players and teams are able to access addiction coaching and addiction treatment. ” Dr. Cali Estes


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