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Alternative Online Intensive Outpatient

The Alternative to Intensive Outpatient Treatment: Online, In-Person and Totally Customized to The Individual Client Needs.

Can I get sober online?

Alternative Online Intensive Outpatient

Support when you need it, online, on your schedule.

 Our online Alternative Intensive Outpatient Program is customized totally to you, the client. Each day we get calls from loved ones and/or addicts themselves in need of help. More often than not, this isn’t his or her first attempt at achieving sobriety. Maybe they’ve been to inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment before, or are in private or group therapy, or have a family psychologist, or even some combination thereof.

Here at The Addictions Coach we believe in all pathways to recovery and sobriety and we understand that the online intensive outpatient is the model of the future. We know that no matter how specialized, or private, or upscale a traditional drug rehab environment may be, in many cases the addict needs something more. Something deeper, broader, more intense, and more defining in how they engage within the recovery process. 

Our 30-day Alternative to intensive outpatient addiction treatment is not only completely mobile and worldwide, but it also intermingles additional aspects that normally are not a part of the traditional IOP experience.

Science has brought forth wonderful new medications over recent years that can dramatically assist treatment providers and recovering addicts & alcoholics in their collective effort to affect lasting change. Not only that, but we integrate a level of therapy and added tools that essentially lift the entire treatment experience! We offer Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) protocols and also both The Sinclair Method and The Burnese Method in our Alternative Intensive Outpatient Programs.  

For over 20 years The Addictions Coach & Sober On Demand have been breaking the mold of traditional, mind-numbing drug rehab services that, so often, result in low-success outcomes while draining the family’s resources as well as the individual sufferer’s sense of long-term hope…enough.

Whether you are a college student, CEO, someone in the public eye, a world traveler or anyone else that is seeking private & fully customized intensive outpatient drug & alcohol treatment, we have the answer. And whether this is your first attempt or 20th attempt at getting sober, we have the answer. If you or your loved one is ready for change and ready for quality living in a sober state of mind, call us 24/7 at (800) 706-0318

Online Intensive Outpatient
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What does our 30-day alternative to intensive outpatient addiction treatment process include:

  • Virtual (phone & video) format during times that are conducive for the client
  • 100% customized for the client and tailored to address not only addiction & underlying issues, but relevant life issues as well
  • MAT Medication Assisted Therapy with our very own & highly regarded Dr. Leeds
  • Various therapeutic approaches used, including the Sinclair Method
  • Additional twice weekly sessions with Dr. Cali Estes which include, various therapy types, addictions coaching & life coaching
  • Fluid scheduling available to meet client’s fluctuating availability
  • Therapy types: CBT, DBT, Motivational, Experiential and more….
  • AVAILABLE ADD-ONS: Monitoring, family guidance, off-times communication & crisis assistance, and much more

Not just another outpatient drug rehab

Alternative to Intensive Outpatient (IOP) that gets results!

You don’t have to spend 50k or more on the nation’s best addiction treatment programs. No matter who you are or what you do, our fully customized alternative to intensive outpatient treatment options are fully virtual and able to be administered no matter where in the world you may be. And regardless of your medication regimen, we’ll be here to take over and adjust medications accordingly as needed.

Do you need more intensive care? We have it! A unique component that we can offer you is our Signature Sober on Demand service if you need more assistance. We can provide on site medical detox and deep dive programs instead of a 3o-day inpatient stay at a drug and alcohol treatment facility. In addition, we can offer you a s of a unique supplement line that will actually help heal your brain and get your neurotransmitters firing properly again. Whether you need us for a day, a month, or a year, we can be there for you.

Long Term Sober Success


Virtual options that shatter the mold


We can accommodate global travels and time differences


MAT Medication Assisted Treatment


Treating addiction AND underlying life matters


Creating a "realistic" path to success in sobriety!


Many add-on services available


Work directly with Dr. Leeds and Dr. Cali Estes


Build recovery while living your life

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Alternative to Outpatient Rehab that Gets Results

Fast and measurable results and goal driven outcomes. That is what our services are all about, and why we’re different. Something that helps you get to the root cause of the problem, solve it, integrate new tools, and experience the life you were meant to live. 

Life is good!
Your New Reality

Whatever past struggles you may have had with drug & alcohol addiction, it's time to let it go and take a new path to freedom - today is the day!

The Sinclair Method Addiction Treatment Services
Get to the Root Causes

In the addict mind, drugs aren't the problem, they are the solution. Now you have a new solution, a proven approach, by proven professionals that truly care.

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