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Our Hearts go out to the Family and Loved Ones of Kate Spade.

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We are failing as a society in helping those with mental health and addiction issues.
The consistent suicides among our celebrities, our designers, creators and those we admire and look up to that can access any resource out there, shows that we are failing. We need to do better and offer better, high-quality care. It’s very sad to see Kate Spade has committed suicide, she was one of my favorite designers, and a beautiful soul.  At The Addictions Coach, we want to reach every individual that needs help and offer services.  Anxiety, depression and more, these services need to be available to everyone, and everyone needs to feel that they have options.  If you suspect someone has a problem, get help today.    If you are feeling hopeless, please reach out to someone, and know that you ar worth it.   Every life is important.
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