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The professional help you need, when you need it. Concierge addiction medicine at your fingertips. We have mastered the art of offering an alternative to addiction treatment with a hospitality flair for the discerning individual. Concierge, discrete addiction and mental health professionals available when you need them. 

Our Team

Our Professional Team

cali estes

Dr. Cali Estes

Founder, Ceo

jenny fontana

Jenny Fontana

Nutritional Therapist

mark leeds 3

Dr. Mark Leeds

Medical Director

Dr. Robert Brown

Dr. Robert Brown


Dr. Chett Mallett

Dr. Chet Mallett

Director of Wellness

Sober companion kevin parker

Kevin Parker

Master Coach

Kathryn Guigui 1

Kathryn Guigui

Sober Companion

Justin Steen 1

Justin Steen

Celebrity Trainer

vance johnson

Vance Johnson

Christian Coach

Jenna Weber

Jenna Weber

Licensed Psychotherapist

Keith Walters

Keith Walters

Shaman Healer

Gina Calcano

Gina Calcano

Concierge Detox Nurse

borris schaak 2

Boris Schaak

Celebrity Trainer

Nadine Steele

Nadine Steele

Sober Companion

Brad Garraway

Brad Garraway


Jim Narin

Jim Narin

Sober Companion

Why Choose Us

We Provide High-Quality Results

Ready to get results that matter in your life? Our team of addiction specialists, life coaches, medical doctors, and seasoned therapists are ready to help you tackle your vices and get to the root cause of the issues.    

Battery Rechargers

or Life Coaches, help you get the most of your time and assist in turning life goals and plans into reality.

Team work in office
Build a Foundation

You need a strong plan that will assist you to move forward and into the life you love to live. Our sober companions help you set that foundation.

business team with hands on top at office

Interested Joining Our Team?

The Addictions Coach is always looking for great talent. Contact us to see if you might be a good fit for our team