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What Other People Think of You is None of Your Business…So Stop Worrying


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You cannot let everyone else’s opinion of you become how YOU think of you!  Yes, we all want to be liked, but if we spend all our time worrying about what other people think of us….we may start to believe it.  This may lead us to feel stuck in moving forward with our goals and letting a passion for something fizzle, all because we hear that negative chatter in the back of our mind.  Dr. Cali Estes teaches you to move from unstuck to SUCCESS! Turn down the volume of the negative voices and turn up your own voice! Check out a great article below on How to Stop Worrying What Other People Think of You then visit http://www.caliestes.com/life-coaching/ to find your voice and reach success!


How to Stop Worrying What Other People Think of You
By Lolly Daskal President and CEO, Lead From Within, published on Inc.com

*People will love you, people will hate you, and none of it will have anything to do with you*

We all want to be liked and appreciated for our many talents, our ferocious intelligence, our good nature, our sparkling personality.

But when we start to rely on what other people think of us, and we make their opinion pivotal to our success, we get into trouble. We start tailoring our lives to fit the expectations of others, and from there it’s a vicious cycle.

When we give over our power to others and allow that their impressions to become how we perceived, we lose out on who we really are. The only reality we can see is  how we believe others see us.

Focus on what matters. When you concentrate on what’s important,  you think less about your individual role and more about the bigger picture. It takes the glare of people’s spotlights off you individually.

Remember, most people aren’t paying much attention. People spend more time thinking about themselves than thinking about others. If they’re expressing an opinion about your life, it’s probably not something they’ve given much thought to but just a passing thought.

 Keep perspective. Another person’s opinion is often based not on your beliefs and behavior but on theirs. What’s good for them may be terrible for you, or vice versa. Be who you want to be from your own perspective.

 You know best. Nobody else is living your life. They might have opinions or ideas, but the only person who knows what is best for you  is you. And that means you need to learn about yourself through your own mistakes and failures.

 Mind your own business. Stop asking people what they think of you. Stop worrying about their opinions–especially if they’re critical, unsuccessful or unhappy. Most of the time, the negative feedback is coming from negative people.

Desensitize your triggers. Are you too sensitive for your own good? Do you get triggered when people say things about you that you know aren’t even true? It’s easy for a sensitive nature to blow things out of proportion, but try to build the thick skin that lets you shake it off.

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