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Princess Power Puff or NFL material?

Princess Power Puff or NFL material?

Question: Will announcing he is gay, make Michael Sam a better or worse candidate for the NFL draft from a psychological standpoint?

Answer:  First off, let me commend Michael Sam for coming out and announcing it to the world, he is making history, and I personally think it is fantastic.  Second, this is a double-edged sword here, bad press is good press…so he is a hot item right now for some and not so hot for others.  If the NFL team that wants him is progressive, forward thinking and open, they will snatch him and then swallow the publicity that goes with him.  A more staunchly, uptight team will shun him.  I say he gets picked in the first round of the draft.  And don’t let him near Tim Tebow and his  Christian views or that will get sticky!

Now imagine you are the opposing player and this huge man slams into you and knocks you out.  If that opposing player or his team have any homophobic tendencies they will poke fun (kind of like the whole junior high school yard scenario)  At 6’2 and 255, he is a force to be reckoned with, not a princess in a tutu playing power puff football. I think his stats speak for themselves and the right team will pick him up and embrace him and he will flourish. 


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