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Ray Rice and domestic violence

Ray Rice and domestic violence

Ray Rice and domestic violence


Ray Rice: drug and alcohol-fueled rage, anger management issues, or the “Chris Brown” syndrome? The day after Valentine’s Day in 2014, Ray Rice, one of the most popular players on the Baltimore Ravens NFL team was arrested and charged with simple assault after a physical fight with his fiancée in Atlantic City at the Revel Casino. His attorney described the fight between Rice and fiancée Janay Palmer who was also arrested with the same charge as a “very minor physical altercation. When is it OK for a football player or celeb to hit his wife or girlfriend, and then drag her out of the elevator? Where is the counseling and coaching for these sports teams? It appears the staff at the Baltimore Ravens need to step up their game and teach their players some better manners and coping skills


Domestic violence is an epidemic that can in many cases be fueled by short-term effects or long-term addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. The Addictions Coach offers services including Counseling and TherapySober on DemandCertified Recovery Coaches and Life Coaches, In-home Medical DetoxIntervention and Treatment Placement, Online Intensive Outpatient, and more. Even though substance abuse isn’t the only issue when violence is involved, a Sober CompanionRecovery Coach, or a Life Coach can help their client get to the underlying issues already at play, that caused them to drink or use in the first place. The Addictions Coach services can help clients learn how to better de-escalate situations where there could otherwise be circumstances that would bring harm to themselves or others around them.


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