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The REAL Wolves on Wall Street.

The REAL Wolves on Wall Street

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It’s no secret that drugs, specifically cocaine, have been a major factor in what makes the motor of Wall Street run. But, it may shock you to know just how much and just how many new drugs are running rampant in the world’s financial hub.

As it has been for years, cocaine is being used by an alarming rate as Wall Street workers all the way up to high-end executives are using cocaine to stay up for extended periods of time to make trades and gain a competitive advantage. These high dollar users are spending top dollar to get the purist coke and it gets delivered into the financial district as multiple dealers race to get to these users first.

As of 2012, cocaine was no longer on top of the list of drugs consumed on Wall Street. Adderall has quickly climbed to the top of the list due to its evasiveness of drug tests. Users also claim they can stay up longer and stay more focused than when using cocaine. A trader confided that a $20 pill, once consumed, has contributed to a trader making over $20,000 by staying up and alert for over 18 hrs. This type of financial gain seems worth the risk to these traders and executives.

Of course, the spike in these new users has called for more resources for those seeking help with addiction. If you are a Wall Street trader or executive struggling with any addiction contact us here at http://www.theaddictionscoach.com


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