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Recovery Coaching : Are You HAPPY?

Recovery Coaching

Are You HAPPY?


I mean really really happy? One of the best activities that I do with my clients is to ask them to rate their happiness in 4 areas of their lives:  Family, Work, Relationships and Friends. The one thing that is consistent among all of my clients is a dominance in one area and a lack in others.  Most of my clients want to be balanced and strive to be balanced but can’t seem to get a good equal medium among the quadrants.

So here is what we do:  We break down the pieces that are not working, aka not happy. We ask what 5 things would you change in those areas to be more happy and content? We list those 5 and each week we tackle one until we have touched on all of them.

Clients love this exercise because it helps them lay out a plan to get to the next level  and it is measurable and trackable. Recovery Coaches love this exercise as well because it forces the client to be accountable for what they say they want to do.

So are you happy?

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