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Another Athlete Arrested



Another Athlete Arrested

What happens when a teenager is suddenly given money, status, fame?  Who is going to offer direction and guidance to navigating their own moral compass?  Well we know who isn’t…The organization behind the money, status, and fame!

Jon Denney was drafted by the Red Sox right out of school, and at only 19 his license was suspended for DUI , and now he’s been arrested for continuing to drive with a suspended license.   Moreover, when arrested he was cocky and belligerent and told the cops he was a Red Sox player and made more money then the officers would ever see!

General Manager Ben Cherington seems to say all the right things:

“We certainly take the incident seriously, as we would with any other player,” Cherington said. “We’re trying to address his needs and help him in any way we can. But certainly he has some work to do.”   “Anytime something like this happens, it’s a concern,” Cherington said. “There’s more to playing on the field and performing on the field, not just as a baseball player, but we’re all representing the organization in some way and that kind of behavior is unacceptable.”

But before you stand up and shout, Bravo!  Thinking that a pro sports organization is finally taking responsibly for the young people who are thrust into this lifestyle and then let loose without direction.  Consider this:

This team has had at least 3 DUI related arrests in the past 3 years.   Wait…. what?  Yes, that’s right at least three!  Three different players arrested before the start of each season.

So, what is this organization doing to prepare these players for this lifestyle so they don’t make these poor choices?  Seems like they are more interested in picking up the pieces after they get in trouble rather that giving them the help they desperately need so they can avoid these situations all together.

Sports teams would never consider forgoing a team doctor, team chiropractor, or team trainer, why not a team Recovery Coach or Anger Management Coach?

Athletes needs are unique, and everyone deserves to function at their best.

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