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Review at The Addictions Academy class

Dr. Cali Estes teaching The Addictions Academy

Review at The Addictions Academy class

“I am very pleased to get trained by The Addictions Academy and Dr. Cali Estes and I am happy to offer services to so many people that need them now. This training was comprehensive, in depth and lots of fun. Since there is not a guideline on certification yet it is great to have one that means something.” Dr. Neem


“Hi I am Donna, and my life was touched by addictions so much so that I wanted to help other families overcome the pain and struggles I went though. Dr. Cali taught a great class on family dynamics, how to deal with the codependency and what to look for as the mother of an addicted child. I look forward to helping others. ”

Dr cali estes

Dear TAA team,
First of all let me just start by saying thank you!! I have really enjoyed the classes and materials you have provided me so far. I have completed NCLC, NCRC 1 & 2, along with Sexual Addiction Certification Training. I feel like I am more knowledgeable now and equipped to coach those who are ready and willing to step into their new life’s chapter of freedom.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement, I look forward to being a contributing member of the TAA team!

Best regards,
Nathan Buckman


The information you have given is an asset to assist a lot of the clients that are ambivalent to treatment.  The one that really stood out is the obituary and legacy.  Many of the clients have children and the impact of this tool can be huge.  I will also pass the information to counselors that are new and old to the field.  Most of them can use the given tools to identify their own nuances or biases that can interrupt their ability to provide effective treatment.  I have noticed, the longer a counselor is in the field the more resistant they are to changes.  I feel that you have presented information that can be effective and easily implemented, whether you are new or old in the field.  Thank you for taking the time to give us the information.

Lesia Wortham
CrossRoads Turningpoint
Pueblo Colorado

cali class in dt laudy

It was great to hear her take on the many difficult patients we deal with. It is always important to stay up on new information that we can use to help and engage. I also appreciate the books provided because they are a great resource to turn to for fresh ideas. Thank her again for the great class.

Shannan Tiphareth, BSCJ,
Certified Addictions Specialist
STAR-TC Sisterhood Teaching Alternatives for Recovery-Therapeutic Community


“Having fun during our training with Dr. Cali Estes at affinity Behavioral Health. What an amazing class and so much fun during our training in AMA/APA blocking for clients. I learned so much about how to de-escalate the client, how to stand, what to say, what NLP is, and how to understand the 5 different personalities of clients. I cannot recommend this training enough.”
Mike Fournier, Director of client care at Affinity Behavioral Health

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