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Revisiting Ibogaine, Still Effective…Still Controversial



The world of drug addiction and treatment is perilous, stressful, expensive and often fruitless (to the dismay of both the addict and his/her loved ones).  However, there is a notably effective, and equally notably controversial cure out there for the ambitious addict looking for help: Ibogaine.

Despite it’s illegality in the United States (Ibogaine is listed as a Schedule I drug, along with cocaine, heroin and the like, for it’s apparent “high potential for abuse, no current [as of 1969] accepted medical use,” and it’s “lack of accepted safety for use,” Ibogaine has been used in countries in Europe and Canada and Mexico for years with great success. [further information: http://www.myeboga.com/providers.html]

It turns out Ibogaine metabolizes into Nor-Ibogaine, an opioid that binds to the brain’s opiate receptors for weeks after a single dose, causing a long, peaceful period of time for the opiate addict to recover without the destructive withdrawal symptoms such as delirium and auditory hallucinations, among others.

Ibogaine remains illegal in the United States, and even though it’s proven to be an effective medicine, there is little talk of legalizing its use in medical practice.  As for the prospective Ibogaine experiencer, be ready to fork over thousands of dollars for the life-changing experience.  Since it remains illegal, outsourced treatment centers charge exorbitant rates for the administration and safekeeping of the Ibogaine-taker.  But, for those who need nothing short of a miracle to save themselves from destructive opiate addiction, Ibogaine could be heaven-sent.  Only time will tell if Ibogaine makes it in the medical world, and if it does, the millions of struggling opiate addicts will most definitely let out a sigh of relief, glad to be able to kick their habits without the days on end of gut-wrenching pain.

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