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Robert Downey Jr. Gets Pardoned While Showing How Its Done!

Robert Downey Jr. Gets Pardoned While Showing How Its Done!

Well, the Governor of California has rewarded actor Robert Downey Jr. with a full pardon from his 1996 drug conviction. Downey Jr. was one of about 100 people who received a pardon as the Governor has made this an annual event on Christmas Eve.

To qualify, the people convicted of these drug offenses must have a full decade between the present day and the day they completed their sentence. They must also have no further criminal activity during this time span and the original charge must be NON VIOLENT. As I am sure all 96 of these pardons have a success story of their own, I’d like to take Robert Downey Jr’s story and focus on all the things he and his support group did right to contribute to this well deserved reward/pardon.

In the early 90’s things looked bleak for RDJ as he spiraled out of control with his heavy cocaine and heroin use. We braced for the news that he would be the next young Hollywood talent that was found dead in some hotel room. Then his arrest in 1996 happened and things seemed to change for the better. Downey spent 15 months in prison and then successfully completed 2 years of supervised parole followed by 3 years of probation. During this 6 1/2 year span Downey stayed close to his outpatient program and focused on changing himself from the inside out.

The present day Robert Downey Jr. is nothing like the man from the 90s and he has worked hard to keep his demons at arms length and to remain drug free and a productive member of society. For this, we here at https://theaddictioncoachonline.com/ fully support someone who has been to hell and back with drugs and alcohol getting rewarded or pardoned by their government for surviving and becoming a better person in the process.

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