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When on tour with a rock band…

When on tour with a rock band, one must play the part. Here I am after a long week of gigs and tour bus antics, taking a break on the Pier in Santa Monica!  This is one of my favorite photos taken by Klaus Rivera (my photographer)  after a long week. Sometimes letting off steam is fun and enjoyable.

Sometimes just releasing all the anger and aggression of life can be uplifting of ones spirit…..when you deal with major rock n roll stars you meet them where they are and sometimes you just say ‘FUCK”….. alot to help get them sober and it works. The key to helping a client is meeting them where they are and being AUTHENTIC! That is why I get results with clients that are difficult and hard to get through too. Sometimes it is necessary and it is OK.  Oh and have you seen the FUCK IT Meditation….it is fabulous.   I am not for everyone but for those that need me, I am 100% authentic and ready to Rock n Roll.

Dr. Cali Estes

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