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Saved By Medical Marijuana


Well, last weeks blog about little Charlotte Figi, who was suffering from extreme seizures, has caused a little debate amongst a few of you in our profession.  There are some of you that have no problem with a four year old child being treated with an oil extract from a strand of a marijuana plant bred solely for this treatment,  and then there are some of you that are claiming that treating a four year old with medical marijuana is the same as treating a child with an addictive substance.  For those of you against this treatment, I ask you to watch the quality of life that little Charlotte had for four years before this treatment.  Then I ask you to watch how she is today after the treatment.  That is what is most important here.

And now to address the MISCONCEPTION that the marijuana oil extract is addictive.

    This special strain of hemp was developed by the Stanley family for the purposes of bringing the extremely beneficial cannabinoid, Cannabidiol or CBD, to patients who need the therapeutic  benefits of the plant, without the psychoactivity accompanied by THC.  There is a significant  body of published research over the last 50 years, suggesting many potential benefits of CBD.  These potential benefits include: anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, neuro-protective, neuro- genic, pain relieving, anti-psychotic, and anti-microbial.  It is for these suggested properties that the Stanley’s were breeding for CBD.  The anti-epileptic properties were known, but it was  five year old Charlotte Figi who proved that this plant belonged first to patients with intractable epilepsy.  Due to Charlotte’s remarkable recovery using the special hemp strain, it was only  fitting to affectionately name the plant for her. Since that winter of 2012, when Charlotte  began the treatment, more than 180 pediatric epilepsy patients have begun treatment.  The  Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil is also known as “Alepsia”, a Latin term which means “belonging  to seizures”. This Hemp Oil is created by the Stanley Brothers and tested a minimum of  three times through the process to ensure that the exact number milligrams of each major cannabinoid are known.  This allows for patients to titrate dosing to a therapeutic level and  understand the individual dosing needs.
    So for those of you against this treatment, I suggest you brush up on the difference between the Hemp Oil that is extracted for these seizures and Marijuana THC use that is specifically used to “get high”.
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