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Seattle Sober Coach: YOU DON’T NEED THE PAIN TO GAIN, ANYMORE. Guest Blog from Boris Schaak, Sober Fitness.

Seattle Sober Coach:  YOU DON’T NEED THE PAIN TO GAIN, ANYMORE.  Guest Blog from Boris Schaak, Sober Fitness.

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The vast majority of all fitness routines are based on a “no pain, no gain” ego based philosophy. I would say 90% and maybe more. Force the body, push through, work harder, just do it and do it anyway. These are all philosophies that feed the ambition to get fit and gain muscle by driving on inner fear and pain as fuel. I want to move completely away from that. To be on the other side of the spectrum. I want to bring a spiritual aspect into the fitness philosophy. Of course, you still have to take action and follow through, but I want the reasons for pushing through the so called “pain barrier” within the workout to be a positive driving force rather than a negative one. Let me use my story as an example of how the approach to fitness training could be changed for people in recovery.

I used to be a bodybuilder, winning Championships, but I had internal turmoil. There were things going on in my life that I didn’t know how to deal with. Luckily, I was introduced to working out early on in my life, first martial arts at the age of 5 and then weights at 13. Otherwise, I’m convinced that I would have become a drug addict much earlier in my life. I found a way to match and cover up the pain I felt on the inside by masking and fueling my workouts with the inner pain that I was feeling. When other people were claiming they couldn’t handle the stress of a tough workout or deal with their muscles burning, I thought it was awesome. I could cover up the pain I felt on the inside with the pain I could pile on from the outside by working out. It was like a medication to me, a mask, a band-aid. I was that guy who didn’t have a pain barrier. That’s what made me a great athlete, but that was my only tool to cope with life.

When I was younger, my only motivation came from pain. After I began recovery and changed to a more spiritual focus, my training became much less ego-oriented and was based on a spiritual foundation. If you can do the same amount of pushing through those limits coming from a place of joy and happiness, it’s a totally different mindset. True self-esteem comes from a psychic shift by working a spiritual program. This goes for recovery from addiction, just as much as your fitness and nutritional program. The same psychic shift is needed to change the ego. This is why fitness training is such a powerful tool for people in recovery. That is why I created Sober Fitness: A Fitness Program designed specifically for people in recovery from addition. It’s gratifying to train people in recovery because you give them a tool to improve their lives.


“As a Professional Trainer and Sober Coach, my fitness approach integrates the elements of physical fitness and nutrition within the scope of recovery and sobriety. This is TOTAL integration- the convergence of mental, spiritual and physical fitness! Seeing the transformation and growth in my clients; physically, emotionally and spiritually, is my passion and mission in life! I’m glad to share it with You.” -Boris Schaak

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