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Are ‘Selfies’ an Addiction?



Recent article below in Psychology Today linking taking ‘selfies’ to Narcissism and Mental Health.  As an Addictions Professionals, Addictions Coach  and Additions Therapist, I see the addiction side of this, not the mental health side.  I see it as a compulsion, a need to have attention, and not just some attention, MORE attention, just like a drug or sex addiction.  Positive attention from peers increases a chemical in the brain that is a ‘feel good’ chemical similar to drugs.   The need for more of that feel good chemical increases.  For some it is a daily dose, others for every event of their lives.  If you could imagine that a person feels like the paparazzi is following them around and taking pictures.  Add in the constant ‘liking’, and it is similar to the Celebrity Complex, whereby attention and living your life in the limelight is necessary and the self-esteem of the individual is directly tied to the amount of followers that one has.

How do we intervene?  Well, taking away the phone and encouraging real friendships and relationships is a start.  But somehow I do not see that happening, so add Technology Addiction to the list of things we treat at The Addictions Coach.

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