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Well, maybe not for the whole world to see. In this case it was just for the whole zoom conference to see! Before we dive headfirst into this latest example of an actively destructive sex addiction, let me remind you that an active sex addiction can be just as dangerous, destructive and even deadly as any other addiction. A lot of times sex addiction gets swept under the carpet or we make excuses for the sex addict saying that it’s not as harmful as other addictions such as heroin, cocaine or alcohol. We tend to “shelf” sex addiction up there with food addiction or gambling addiction and possibly not taking it as serious as the above mentioned substance addictions. This can be a huge mistake for those trying to help a sex addict or a huge mistake for the sex addict themselves. So let’s just mention this again, an active sex addiction can be just as destructive as any other active addiction.

So let’s look into the latest sex addict to really do harm to himself and mess things up for a person who put a lot of hard work and effort into building a highly successful legal and TV career. CNN Chief Legal analyst and New York Post staff writer Jeffrey Toobin was caught masturbating at work this week. Ok, so getting caught masturbating at work isn’t completely unheard of and may not directly reflect a sex addiction.
But then we have Jeffrey Toobin.
Mr. Toobin was on a staff Zoom call. For those of you unaware of what a Zoom call is, it is an online video conference where you can see and hear your staff or coworkers and they can see and hear you. Now this is where a possible sex addiction may be on Mr. Toobin’s plate. During the Zoom conference everyone agreed to take a short break. At this point Mr. Toobin switched over to porn on his computer and began masturbating. Unfortunately he forgot to mute his microphone and turn his camera off! So as he enjoyed a mental rendezvous with one of the porn actors online, his entire Zoom conference saw the whole thing. Would it be out of line to suggest this situation to be next in line for a new “Wanna get away” commercial?
Well, it would be pretty easy to just say that he isn’t a very smart man and sweep it under the carpet but it’s a little more serious than this. First of all, why couldn’t Mr. Toobin wait until he was at home and all alone to do this? Because he is addicted to porn and couldn’t wait. This one addictive action has destroyed his career at CNN. It may destroy his legal career. It has definitely had a negative affect on his family and marriage. Is it the crime of the century? Not at all. Is it an addiction? Absolutely! Sex addiction can cause the same harmful effects that any other addiction causes. We here at The Addictions Coach are here to help if you are struggling with a sex addiction or any other addiction. Our highly skilled nationally certified addiction coaches are only a phone call away and will come to you to help you get you affairs and life back in order. Head over to our website at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction or call us 1.800.706.0318 ext 1
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