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A Slurpee and Spice. Hidden Dangers At The Convenience Store

A Slurpee And Spice.  Hidden Dangers at the Convenience Store

Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach was the guest on the latest podcast of Happy Kids, Happy Families.  Cali discusses with host Jennifer Sneeden what every parent needs to know about the dangers surrounding our children and drugs.

Cali reveals the most important ways to tell if your child is using drugs.  She discusses how crucial it is to talk to your children about drugs, and why it is imperative to be “proactive and not reactive”.  Surprisingly, many parents are shocked to learn that their own behaviors are the cause of their child or teenager’s drug use.  They establish a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality and can not fathom that their child has an awareness of their own bad behavior.  Find out how “fixing the why & the need to get high goes away” is a critical part of Cali’s therapy.

Cali answers this question:

 What common food ingredient is just as addictive as heroin?  She also explains that the detox process is similar as well!

Cali shares with us many different kinds of drugs and the dangers of each one.  She will surprise you when she mentions where the most dangerous drugs are and how your kids have access to them!  Cali tells us why rehab is the LAST place to send your child and what the alternatives are, including her innovative Mobile Rehab!

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