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Sober Coach Miami – Bad Parenting Breeds Drug Abuse

Sober Coach Miami- Bad Parenting breeds drug abuse.

Ray Allen lives in Coral Gables and when he was out of town, 7 teens managed to break into his home and sneak into his wife’s bedroom.  Using flashlights they prowled at their leisure and awoke his wife whom called police. The police did not file charges. The privileged teens were described as a “group of finer young people” by their private attorney. Only after Ray Allen caused an uproar did the police scramble to file a misdemeanor trespass charge.

Kids like this become my clients. Parents permit them to run wild with no consequences and then bail them out of any possible legal ramifications, thus continuing the idea that they can do whatever they please. They will get more and more reckless and when the Lambo is crashed, the almost overdose in the hospital has happened, or they can not seem to find their classroom in college, let alone complete a class, I get a call.

That call starts off with “Fix my son, Handle this issue”. By allowing the lax parenting style the child learns that whatever they do can be fixed or made to disappear. The behavior escalates and spirals out of control. If these kids were told no, and forced to work for something -anything- I do not believe you would see this behavior and the rampant addictions we have.

Many times, I am the first person in their lives to say no. AND a lot of the time that NO is what saves their life.

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