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Sober Coach Miami heads to Sober Coach New York!

Sober Coach Miami heads to Sober Coach New York!

Cali Estes, the Premier Addictions Coach of Miami is headed to New York this September to expand her consulting services on the East Coast. Offering more than sober coaching, she can offer interventions, sober companion work, life coaching, and therapy right on site where there is no need for the client to leave their home or sober living environment, wherever they may be in their addiction or in their recovery! Dr. Cali Estes is CEO of The Addictions Academy and also offers her Sober on Demand services throughout the country.

So, whether it is an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, gambling, technology, food, or addiction of ANY kind, Sober on Demand, The Addictions Academy, and Dr. Cali Estes have got you covered. Even if you are not an addict or have plenty of clean/sober time under your belt, but still can’t seem to get past particular underlying issues, new ones or issues you’ve dealt with your entire life that seem to be holding you back from becoming your greatest version, we’ve got you covered there as well!

Life Coaching is yet another service offered by Dr. Cali Estes through The Addictions Academy and The Addictions Coach services. A Life Coach will help you to tap into your inner abilities and give you the tools you need in order to work past your issues and teach you to focus on ‘what’s next, rather than dwelling and being stuck in the past. With any services offered by Cali Estes through The Addictions Coach, The Addictions Academy, or Sober on Demand, we will help you to get ‘unstuck’ in your life!

The Addictions Coach, Dr. Cali Estes is Credentialed, Experienced, and offers you the services you need to level up in your life at home, office, hotel, retreat, and more; We come to you!

Stay tuned for more sober coach Miami headed to sober coach New York!!!!



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