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Sober Coach Miami – You May Need to Detox

dr cali estes sober coach miami

Sober Coach Miami – You May Need to Detox

Have you used drugs or alcohol and feel bogged down?  Do you feel foggy or tired and sluggish from eating poorly or from pesticides or environmental factors?  Here are a few great liver detox ideas.  Call us at 1.800.706.0318 if you need assistance. The Addictions Coach can assist with natural remedies to make your detox easier. So, what are some ways you can detox your body and live a healthier lifestyle right in the comfort of your own home? Read our Top 3 in-home detox methods below!


Top 3 ways you can detox at home with Sober Coach Miami


  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) – That’s right: Sober Coach Miami along with Sober on Demand offer in-home Medication-Assisted Treatment, also known as PRIVATE Medical Detox! If you struggle with drug or alcohol-related addiction and prefer to be treated in the privacy of your own home, Sober Coach Miami offers you just the services you require! No more uncomfortable visits or long stays in a medical facility (rehab) or behavioral center. Our Sober on Demand Program has a high success rate because it is tailored specifically to fit YOUR needs. Fully confidential detox treatment, on your terms, wherever YOU are.


  • ExerciseDetoxifying your body doesn’t always have to be with medication, or even dieting; even though in conjunction with one another, yields greater results. Exercising quickens breathing, promotes blood circulation, and increases sweat production. All these factors promote the release of toxins from your body. Most of us dread workouts when it’s not our usual routine, but you are not alone. Sober Coach Miami offers Sober Coaches and Life Coaches who can help you set and achieve any goal you can set your mind to!



  • Diet Changes – Even more, difficult than a workout routine, for some of us, comes sticking to a healthy diet. Detox Diets are usually short-term and are designed to eliminate toxins in your body. Typically, a detox diet involves periods of fasting followed by a strict diet including fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, and plenty of water. Sometimes a detox diet can include herbs and supplements as well as teas. A Detox Diet can improve circulation, provide healthy nutrients to your body, improve toxin elimination through your body’s natural means of getting rid of waste, and can even allow your internal organs to rest when fasting is involved. Even if you don’t prefer such a strict diet, changing from eating junk foods like pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, fries and the like to eating healthier alternatives to these foods and staying hydrated can make a world of difference and help you detoxify your body so you can live a healthier lifestyle!

Top 3 ways you can detox at home with Sober Coach Miami– did you find these helpful? Let us know at 800 706 0318 

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