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Sober Coach: The story goes like this: A drug addict buys a gun and sells it for drugs, the gun is then used in a major crime…

Sober Coach: The story goes like this: A drug addict buys a gun and sells it for drugs, the gun is then used in a major crime. Does putting her behind bars for 5-10 years for selling the gun illegally, solve her drug addiction? What are your thoughts? Cali Estes of The Addictions Coach asks your opinion:



AR 150109627
Ashly Judge

Ashly Judge, of Conshohocken, was found guilty following a jury trial in October of conspiracy and two counts each of illegally transferring handguns and making materially false statements on forms for firearm purchases that she made on June 27 and July 20 of 2013.

She was the second woman in Delaware County to receive the new mandatory minimum for illegal gun transfers under the Brad Fox Law, named for a Plymouth Township police officer who was killed by a man wielding an illegally obtained handgun.

That gun [that Judge purchased] was delivered to “L” just a few blocks from the store, where he was waiting at his car, according to Judge’s statement. On July 20, Judge purchased a 9 mm Walther handgun from Miller’s Gun Shop in Linwood, which she also delivered to “L” at his home in Delaware, according to the statement.

Judge said “L” paid her $150 for the first gun purchase and $250 for the second. She needed the money to buy Percocet and diapers, according to the statement.

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