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Sober Companions are here for you


sober companion cali Estes and Dr Drew

Sober Companions are here for you

Some addicts need a little more supervision and guidance when it comes to their recovery and the success rate of their recovery.

That’s why Dr. Cali Estes, the creator and CEO of The Addictions Coach, created a recovery based program in which a Sober Companion is hand picked to match with the client/struggling addict and then placed with the client/struggling addict to accompany him or her on work functions, family functions to make sure the client remains clean and sober when it appears that they can not do so on their own.

The Addictions Coach has sent Sober Companions out to Los Angeles to stay 24/7 with a musical client while he or she is writing a new album to influence them to stay clean during the process. The Addictions Coach has also sent a Sober Companion our on a 7-day Caribbean cruise with a client recovering from alcohol addiction to make sure he stayed sober during the entire cruise and enjoyed himself around his family and friends in a healthy sober way. The Addictions Coach has sent a Sober Companion to stay in a hotel with a client who had to return to Miami for legal court proceedings and it was mandatory that he remained sober during the 4 day court proceedings. The Addictions Coach has also paired a Sober Companion with pro athletes to make sure they stayed clean and sober to make their respective teams.

Sober Companions are here for you

So as you can see, the role of a Sober Companion has many faces and it takes a very special type of individual. Our Sober Companions are the best in the addictions industry and we have them all over the world and can pair a struggling addict with the perfect Sober Companion. So if you need someone to be with you for extended periods of time to help you remain clean and sober, please contact us here at The Addictions Coach at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction or call us at 800  706 0318

In need of more intensive work? We can come to you with our signature Sober on Demand Program and bring the detox team, sober companion and intensive therapists.

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